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UK Insurance Insurance comes in many different shapes and sizes, but unfortunately you often don't get to find out if your insurance is worth the premiums you paid until it's too late. After all, what's the point in having home insurance if your insurance company doesn't cover you for many types of claim; similarly with car insurance. Many car insurance policies sound good, and even look good at a casual glance, especially if you're only looking at the cost, but it's only when your car gets stolen, or gets into an accident, that you may realise your cheap car insurance policy wasn't quite as great after all.

At we make sure the companies we recommend are worth recommending. In other words, we don't list companies simply for the sake of a having a nice long list. Therefore, whether you're looking for car insurance or home and contents insurance - or a variety of other insurance products too - you can be sure the companies you find listed here will provide not only good prices, but also good insurance products. All the companies offer free, no-obligation insurance quotes, ensuring that you can easily compare insurance companies before you commit to purchasing your insurance.

AA Breakdown Cover

The AA (Automobile Association)
When you choose to purchase AA Breakdown Cover online, you can now save up to 35%. Rated as the top breakdown service by Which Magazine, AA Breakdown service has a history nearly as long as the motor vehicle itself: in fact the AA has now been rescuing Britain's motorists for over 100 years. The excellent reputation of the AA Breakdown service is well-deserved, and, in the UK, the AA attend a road-side breakdown every 9 seconds, where, on average, the problem is repaired within 30 minutes.
AA Breakdown Cover Details of AA Breakdown Cover

AA Car Insurance

The AA (Automobile Association)
Save money on your motor insurance with AA Car Insurance: 88% of new AA car insurance customers who took part in a recent survey, carried out by the Acromas Group, found the AA car insurance premium was cheaper than the price quoted by their previous provider. Additionally, another survey shows that 25% of people would save £200 by switching to the AA for their car insurance (survey of new business quotes based on a comparison of 26 of AA car insurance competitors, December 2008).
AA Car Insurance Details of AA Car Insurance

AA European Breakdown Cover

The AA (Automobile Association)
While not exactly insurance, per se, AA European Breakdown Cover still does provide a great deal of peace-of-mind. Breaking down abroad without cover can be expensive, and recovery back to the UK alone could cost around £1,000. However, with AA European Breakdown Cover, you can contact AA to arrange help 24 hours a day. So, when you sign-up for AA European Breakdown Cover you can relax; and, after all, that's what holidays are meant to be for.
AA European Breakdown Cover Details of AA European Breakdown Cover

AA Home Insurance

The AA (Automobile Association)
AA Home Insurance is an extremely well-regarded insurance product, with comprehensive insurance cover providing complete peace of mind. In fact, according to the Acromas Group's Home Insurance New Business Survey, from July 2008, over 95% of AA Home Insurance customers would recommend AA home insurance products to a friend. AA search a panel of more than ten leading home insurance companies to find you the best home insurance quote it can.
AA Home Insurance Details of AA Home Insurance

AA Life Insurance

The AA (Automobile Association)
If you were to start searching for the best UK life insurance policy, then the chances are you could easily still be delving through the myriad offers and deals in six weeks time. There are hundreds of different types of policy, and companies which offer them, and the pursuit of a good life insurance policy can be quite a test. However, in the same way that the AA "meta-searches" lots of other insurance companies to bring you lower-priced car insurance, AA also does the same for life insurance too, finding you the best priced UK life insurance deals from a panel of leading insurers, and thus saving you a lot of the hassle and hard work.
AA Life Insurance Details of AA Life Insurance

AA Motorcycle Insurance

The AA (Automobile Association)
If you're looking for either motorbike, scooter or superbike insurance cover, then AA can take the hard work out of finding motorcycle insurance. AA search a panel of leading motorbike insurance companies to get you the best possible deal. Multi-bike insurance cover is available - which allows the policy-holder up to four motorcycles on one single motorcycle insurance policy. According to a survey of new business, from September 2008, at least 10% of new AA Motorcycle Insurance customers pay £135 or less for their motorcycle insurance.
AA Motorcycle Insurance Details of AA Motorcycle Insurance

AA Pet Insurance

The AA (Automobile Association)
With AA Pet Insurance, from the AA, your pet can be covered for up to £5,000 in vet's fees. Once upon a time pet owners choosing to have pet insurance would have been the exception, rather than the norm. However, these days, as veterinary bills sky-rocket, more and more pet owners are choosing to take out pet insurance, to help guard against unexpected vets bills, and as a way to provide the best treatment for their pets, which otherwise may not be affordable at all. Nonetheless, pet insurance need not be expensive, and for just pennies a day (quite literally), pet owners now have a wide range of pet insurance plans to choose from.
AA Pet Insurance Details of AA Pet Insurance

AA Travel Insurance

The AA (Automobile Association)
Anyone familiar with the AA will know that, far from being just for breakdown services and car insurance, The AA now provides a comprehensive selection of other financial products and many other types of insurance, including travel insurance. To many people travel insurance is simply an afterthought, yet these days most experienced travellers will quickly agree that travel insurance is an option they'd definitely prefer not to leave to chance. However, if you think that buying travel insurance is just one more hassle to deal with, then you should try AA Travel Insurance, which provides easily affordable insurance, with very good features, and with just a few clicks of your mouse.
AA Travel Insurance Details of AA Travel Insurance

AA Van Insurance

The AA (Automobile Association)
The AA may be best known for its UK breakdown service, but the AA also provides many other services too, including commercial van insurance, with a 24-hour claims helpline, European van cover and AA member discounts. Searching a panel of more than ten leading commercial vehicle insurance companies, AA will get you the best possible deal on van insurance. Whether you're looking for Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire & Theft or Third Party cover it only takes just a few minutes to get a free AA van insurance quote online.
AA Van Insurance Details of AA Van Insurance

Asda Car Insurance

Asda Finance
While once maybe better known for its cauliflower and cabbages, these days many a smart shopper chooses Asda Finance for car insurance too. Providing a comprehensive range of insurance options through its finance site, when you request a free quote Asda contacts a variety of UK insurance companies, specialising in different types of car insurance - such as insurance cover for younger drivers, or women, or older cars, for example - to get you the best possible price on your next car insurance policy, from over 20 leading insurance providers.
Asda Car Insurance Details of Asda Car Insurance

Asda Home Insurance

Asda Finance
It can be a time consuming process to search the web, to make lots of phone calls and then to compare an array of different home insurance quotes. However, with ASDA Home Insurance, you'll not have to worry about any of that at all, since all the hard work is done for you, with Asda getting you the best rates possible from a broad selection of UK insurance providers. Of course, cheap doesn't have to mean useless and, from our observations, you're likely to be very satisfied with the quality of the home insurance that Asda provides for the price.
Asda Home Insurance Details of Asda Home Insurance

ASDA Pet Insurance

Asda Finance
When our four-legged family members become sick, or have an accident, it can often result in a number of unexpected costs. However, with ASDA Pet Insurance, the veterinary fees and other costs need not be such a shock to the system. Of course, much like their owners, pets also have a variety of needs, and so rather than a single pet insurance policy, ASDA provide three levels of pet protection to help you choose cover that suits your dog or cat at a price that is affordable to you.
ASDA Pet Insurance Details of ASDA Pet Insurance

ASDA Travel Insurance

Asda Finance
No matter if you are taking a short weekend break within the UK or a two-week safari in much sunnier climes, there is little that gives more comfort than knowing that your travel insurance is up to the task of taking care of you if things don't turn out as planned. ASDA Travel Insurance therefore makes a good choice as a holiday companion, and because ASDA Travel Insurance can provide cover for all the holidays you take each year for a single price, many people find an annual travel insurance policy good value. Single-trip policies are, of course, also available from ASDA, and provide equally good value.
ASDA Travel Insurance Details of ASDA Travel Insurance

Asda Vehicle Breakdown Service

Asda Finance
If you have a vehicle, then you've no doubt signed up for car breakdown cover at one time or another. One or two well known names always spring to mind, such as the AA, or RAC, but there are several others, and ASDA has also now joined the club, offering their own car breakdown service. However, if you sign up for ASDA Vehicle Breakdown Service, from Asda Finance, then don't be expecting an ASDA grocery truck to come hurtling down the motorway to rescue you - ASDA breakdown cover is provided in partnership with Britannia Rescue, previously honoured as a Which? Magazine Best Buy for Road Rescue.
Asda Vehicle Breakdown Service Details of Asda Vehicle Breakdown Service

Aviva Annual Travel Insurance

Aviva (formerly Norwich Union)
Aviva Annual Travel Insurance provides peace of mind for any number of trips and holidays throughout the year, without having to remember to purchase a separate travel insurance policy for each trip. While there's nothing quite as good as a well-planned, long-awaited holiday, there's also nothing quite as frustrating as a well-planned holiday that goes completely awry because of lost luggage, missed flights or, worse still, some medical emergency. That's why you should ensure that you always obtain travel insurance before your trip.
Aviva Annual Travel Insurance Details of Aviva Annual Travel Insurance

Aviva Car Insurance

Aviva (formerly Norwich Union)
Motor insurance, like much else, comes in all shapes and sizes, and it's fair to say that you generally get what you pay for. However, with hundreds of insurance companies to choose from, you could well spend a small fortune in time and energy trying to figure out the best car insurance offer. With Aviva (formerly Norwich Union), which insures approximately one in every seven UK drivers, you can have confidence that the insurance quote you get is not only going to be one of the best, but that you'll also get excellent features with your policy.
Aviva Car Insurance Details of Aviva Car Insurance

Aviva Home Insurance

Aviva (formerly Norwich Union)
Formerly known as Norwich Union, Aviva provides the exact same products as Norwich Union always has done, so don't be confused by the name change. Aviva Home Insurance is, therefore, the same product as the previously named Norwich Union Home Insurance. However, regardless of the name, there's a good reason that Aviva insures one in five UK households, and it isn't simply down to the low cost of its insurance; Aviva home insurance is also a very good product, and compares favourably to other home insurance products on the market.
Aviva Home Insurance Details of Aviva Home Insurance

Aviva Travel Insurance

Aviva (formerly Norwich Union)
There's nothing quite like a well-planned, long-awaited holiday, and that's why you should ensure that you always obtain travel insurance before your trip. There are so many things that can go awry during your holiday that, for the sake of peace of mind alone, it's well worth spending a few extra pounds to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as it can. Hopefully you'll never need to make use of your travel insurance, but there's definitely no better feeling, if something does go wrong, than knowing that your insurance company will take care of things for you.
Aviva Travel Insurance Details of Aviva Travel Insurance

Columbus Direct Car Insurance

Columbus Direct
Not all motor insurance companies are the same, and Columbus Direct is "one of the other ones." Once providing only travel insurance, Columbus Direct Car Insurance has now also become a popular insurance product, and provides up to 70% No Claims Discount for qualified drivers. An independent company, with no stockbrokers to please, you'll find that dealing with Columbus Direct is a much nicer experience than with many insurance companies; and, with Columbus Direct searching a panel of 20 leading UK insurance companies, you'll quickly find some of the best possible car insurance rates.
Columbus Direct Car Insurance Details of Columbus Direct Car Insurance

Columbus Direct Home Insurance

Columbus Direct
Columbus Direct are a UK company which have been providing insurance policies for more than twenty years. While initially best known for their travel insurance cover - which is something they still excel at - Columbus Direct now provide a number of other insurance products, including Columbus Direct Home Insurance. With so many insurance companies to choose from - and usually so little time to spend researching - it can sometimes be tempting to think that most home insurance policies are pretty much the same, and that it doesn't really matter which company you choose; however, thinking that way can be a costly mistake, and Columbus Direct should certainly rank among your first-choices when it comes to purchasing home insurance.
Columbus Direct Home Insurance Details of Columbus Direct Home Insurance

Columbus Direct Travel Insurance

Columbus Direct
Almost everyone seems to offer travel insurance these days, including the post office, banks and even some supermarket chains. That's not to say Their travel insurance is any lesser of a product than the insurance policies sold by well-known insurance companies, but it's certainly true to say that an insurance company, such as Columbus Direct, which has specialised in providing travel insurance for more than two decades is probably able to give many other companies a fair run for their money. So, with affordable policies, a wealth of travel insurance knowledge, and numerous specialised insurance plans to choose from, Columbus Direct Travel Insurance is a good choice.
Columbus Direct Travel Insurance Details of Columbus Direct Travel Insurance

Diva Car Insurance for Women

Diva Insurance
Not too much explanation should be necessary to explain what Diva Car Insurance for Women is all about, suffice to say that if you're female, and looking for a good deal on your car insurance, then Diva Insurance can probably help you with that. Operated by Swinton Group Limited, from Manchester, Diva Insurance caters soley to women, and provides just two products at present: car insurance for women, and car breakdown cover for women. However, if you're looking to buy a new car, or looking for tips on vehicle maintenance, then the Diva website will also prove useful to you, with some excellent information on each.
Diva Car Insurance for Women Details of Diva Car Insurance for Women

engage Mutual Life Cover Plan for Over 50`s

engage Mutual Assurance
engage Mutual Over 50's Life Cover Plan, as the name suggests, provides life insurance for people aged 50 and over. Any UK resident, aged between 50 and 80 may apply for the life insurance product, and engage Mutual guarantees to accept applicants without requiring a medical examination. The plan also has low-cost insurance premiums guaranteed never to increase. This whole of life insurance plan pays out on death and has no cash in value at any time (i.e. it is "life insurance" as opposed to "life assurance").
engage Mutual Life Cover Plan for Over 50`s Details of engage Mutual Life Cover Plan for Over 50`s

LawShield Direct Home Emgergency Repairs Insurance

LawShield Direct
Home Emergency Repairs Insurance from LawShield Direct is a comprehensive extension of the insurance cover provided by your existing household insurance. Although your household insurance usually covers damage to such things as carpets and furniture, etc, caused by a water damage from a plumbing disaster, for example, it almost certainly will not cover the cost of emergency repairs or of finding reliable company to come and fix things. Therefore, Home Emergency Repairs Insurance provides a very simple and cost-effective way of covering this potentially expensive gap.
LawShield Direct Home Emgergency Repairs Insurance Details of LawShield Direct Home Emgergency Repairs Insurance

LawShield Direct Identity Theft Insurance

LawShield Direct
LawShield Direct Identity Theft Insurance is a specialised legal-expenses insurance policy. The insurance policy provides a number of important features, including; up to £25,000 insurance cover, removal of incorrect CCJs (County Court Judgements), defence of claims brought against you, a designated personal claims assistant, and free confidential advice line. Underwritten by a leading insurance company, this is one of the most cost-effective methods for mitigating the damage caused by identity theft. Additionally, you'll also receive free Household Legal Expenses Insurance.
LawShield Direct Identity Theft Insurance Details of LawShield Direct Identity Theft Insurance

LawShield Direct UK Breakdown Insurance

LawShield Direct
UK Breakdown Insurance from LawShield Direct works in an almost identical manner to breakdown cover plans provided by the AA, RAC and Churchill, for example. In fact, this insurance policy provides you with 24/7 cover, 365 days a year UK breakdown cover, and includes not only cars, but also vans and motorcycles. If you breakdown anywhere in the UK, the LawShield Direct recovery operator will attend the scene as quickly as possible, and the average response time is between 30 to 40 minutes. Compared to other leading breakdown cover plans, LawShield Direct costs less than half the price.
LawShield Direct UK Breakdown Insurance Details of LawShield Direct UK Breakdown Insurance

Liverpool Victoria 50 Plus Life Insurance

Liverpool Victoria
There are lots of things that people like to put off until another day, a more convenient time, or when they have a bit more spare change, and life insurance often seems to top the list of things that can wait for a while longer. Of course, unfortunately, it often turns out that they waited too late, and their families are then sometimes left with a huge financial mess to sort out. However, it's usually not too late to begin purchasing life insurance, and the Liverpool Victoria 50 Plus Life Insurance product is specifically designed, as you can probably guess, for those aged over 50.
Liverpool Victoria 50 Plus Life Insurance Details of Liverpool Victoria 50 Plus Life Insurance

Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance

Liverpool Victoria
Few companies have been offering insurance and financial products as long as Liverpool Victoria has been; and, with over 160 years of experience behind it, and still a Friendly Society, you can be confident that Liverpool Victoria will still be around for a long time yet. It's partly this track record of stability and success which provides the confidence to trust one's car insurance to Liverpool Victoria, and with range of options to suit almost any driver, the Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance product is both comprehensive and affordable.
Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance Details of Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance

Liverpool Victoria Home Insurance

Liverpool Victoria
Liverpool Victoria is one of the dwindling number of Friendly Societies that exist in the UK, and has been in business for generations. Offering a wide range of financial products, including everything from ISAs and pet insurance to life insurance, travel insurance and beyond, Liverpool Victoria (also known as LV=), also makes an excellent destination if you're looking for home insurance too. Offering all the standard features, but also a few additional benefits, you'll find that Liverpool Victoria Home Insurance is both comprehensive and affordable.
Liverpool Victoria Home Insurance Details of Liverpool Victoria Home Insurance

Liverpool Victoria Pet insurance

Liverpool Victoria
Anyone who has needed to visit a veterinary surgeon's office in recent times will know that the cost of owning a pet continues to increase year after year, with treatment for your pet, in some cases, becoming almost prohibitively expensive. One thing you can be sure of is that the costs are not going to get any cheaper. As medicines advance, and as newer life-prolonging procedures become available, veterinary fees will almost certainly continue to rise. However, by purchasing pet insurance, you can often cover most of these costs for just a few pounds a month, and enable your pet to get the treatment it deserves.
Liverpool Victoria Pet insurance Details of Liverpool Victoria Pet insurance

Liverpool Victoria Travel Insurance

Liverpool Victoria
Through no fault of your own, even the best of holiday plans can come unstuck sometimes. Whether its a sudden illness or accident, a missed or cancelled flight, lost luggage, or even late-arriving luggage, a holiday has the potential to cause not only large amounts of stress, but also financial ruin. However, by spending just a few minutes to choose a suitable travel insurance plan, such as with Liverpool Victoria, you can mitigate the effects of many of these adverse events, and live to fight another day, confident in the knowledge that your travel insurance company has you covered.
Liverpool Victoria Travel Insurance Details of Liverpool Victoria Travel Insurance

Lloyds TSB Building & Contents Insurance

Lloyds TSB Insurance
Lloyds TSB have a stellar reputation for offering top-quality home insurance products, and is one of the most popular home insurance providers in the UK. Lloyds TSB Home Options insurance policy is designed to give you the confidence that your home is adequately protected and, with a comprehensive range of insurance benefits, plus affordable policies, Lloyds home insurance stacks up extremely well when compared to some of the home insurance competition. Additionally, when you apply for Lloyds home insurance online, you can also enjoy a 15% discount on your insurance cover.
Lloyds TSB Building & Contents Insurance Details of Lloyds TSB Building & Contents Insurance

Lloyds TSB Car Insurance

Lloyds TSB Insurance
While probably better known for banking, Lloyds TSB car insurance, underwritten by Churchill Insurance Company Limited, provides customers with all of the benefits you would expect from any other car insurance provider; Lloyds TSB also offer a discount off Lloyds TSB breakdown cover for the first year, when you opt for it with Lloyds TSB Car Insurance. Also, if you are an existing Lloyds TSB bank customer you will receive two months free car insurance just for buying online. Further, unlike most insurers Lloyds give you one months free car insurance each time you renew.
Lloyds TSB Car Insurance Details of Lloyds TSB Car Insurance

Nationwide Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Nationwide Building Society
While Nationwide Building Society may be best-known for its financial products such as mortgages and savings, you'll also find that Nationwide offers a wide range of insurance products too, and travel insurance is just one such product in Nationwide's comprehensive range of insurance services. Now, beyond regular single-trip travel insurance, Nationwide also provides Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance, ideal for frequent travellers. When you purchase online, you'll also enjoy a 10% discount on the cost of your insurance.
Nationwide Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Details of Nationwide Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Nationwide Car Insurance

Nationwide Building Society
Nationwide Car Insurance, provided by Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited, offers a discount for online applications plus up to 75% no claims discount. Providing you with a great deal of flexibility to tailor your car insurance cover to suit your needs, Nationwide also offers a UK-based call-centre; plus - on comprehensive policies - Nationwide additionally provides insurance cover for up to 180 days when travelling in EU Countries.
Nationwide Car Insurance Details of Nationwide Car Insurance

Nationwide Home Insurance

Nationwide Building Society
Nationwide may not be the first company you think of for home insurance, but the Nationwide Building Society of today is far more a financial services company than the Nationwide of yesteryear, and now offers not only banking and saving facilities, but also a variety of insurance products, including affordable home insurance and motor insurance. In fact, as an introductory offer, when you purchase buildings and contents insurance together online, Nationwide will give you a 30% discount on the cost of your policy.
Nationwide Home Insurance Details of Nationwide Home Insurance

Nationwide Travel Insurance

Nationwide Building Society
While best known for its financial products such as mortgages and savings, Nationwide Building Society also offers a wide range of insurance products too, and travel insurance is just one such product in Nationwide's portfolio of insurance services. From less than a pound a day, for a seven day trip, Nationwide travel insurance offers all the bells and whistles you might expect with slightly more expensive travel insurance. When you purchase online, you'll also enjoy a 10% discount on the cost of your insurance.
Nationwide Travel Insurance Details of Nationwide Travel Insurance

Petplan Equine Insurance

PetPlan Equine is a trading name of the Animal Health Division of Allianz Insurance plc. In turn, with a turnover of £140m in 2004, the Animal Health Division is the world's largest animal health insurer, and insures more than 750,000 animals, receives over 1,500 claims per day, and pays out over £1 million each week through its insurance policies. It's therefore with confidence that we can recommend PetPlan Equine Insurance for all of your equine insurance needs, with comprehensive insurance cover for horses of all types and abilities.
Petplan Equine Insurance Details of Petplan Equine Insurance

Petplan Pet Insurance

Unfortunately, as hard as you may try, there's often little you can do to prevent your pet from getting into scrapes, or becoming ill, and, as many pet-owners will testify, veterinary bills rarely get cheaper and, as your pet becomes older, visits to the vet are more likely to increase in frequency. However, forewarned is forearmed and so, in the almost-certain knowledge that veterinary bills are somewhere on the horizon, it often makes a great deal of sense to obtain pet insurance, to help negate the inevitable bills when they do eventually arrive.
Petplan Pet Insurance Details of Petplan Pet Insurance

Post Office Car Insurance

Post Office
While the Post Office may not necessarily be the first website you think about visiting for UK car insurance, there is certainly no reason why you shouldn't; offering a similar online insurance tool to the AA and RAC, where they search through multiple, competing insurers to find you the best car insurance offer, the Post Office is just as likely to save you money on your motor insurance as anyone else; a free car insurance quote at the Post Office website takes just a couple of minutes, and is time well spent when you consider the savings that can be made.
Post Office Car Insurance Details of Post Office Car Insurance

Post Office Home Insurance

Post Office
If you have a home, then getting decent, affordable home insurance should be one of your priorities. As many will undoubtedly attest, any damage to your home can be an expensive headache, and it's an even bigger headache when you don't have decent home insurance to take care of things. That's where Post Office home insurance comes in; with buildings and contents insurance and combined cover, a range of cover options, and administered by BISL Ltd, you can find exactly the insurance cover you're looking for. A free online quote takes just a minute or two to complete, and is obligation-free.
Post Office Home Insurance Details of Post Office Home Insurance

Post Office Life Insurance

Post Office
Post Office Life Insurance, provided by Norwich Union Life and Pensions Ltd, is a simple and cost-effective way to pay off your mortgage balance or to leave your family an amount of cash when you die. Post Office Life Insurance is available to anyone aged between 18 and 66 and is a UK resident. Joint life-insurance cover is also available, and your life insurance cover begins as soon as you have approved. Depending on the type of Post Office life insurance cover you choose, it pays either a fixed cash sum or may help to pay off the balance of your mortgage.
Post Office Life Insurance Details of Post Office Life Insurance

Post Office Pet Insurance

Post Office
With veterinary costs always on the rise, it has rarely been more important to provide insurance cover for your pet. While the thought may not be one you wish to dwell on, should your pet suffer an injury or illness, or succumb to an accident, without adequate insurance your pet could end up costing you many hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds. However, Post Office Pet Insurance can help provide some peace of mind, and can drastically ease the cost of caring for your pet. Post Office Pet Insurance can also help with the cost to retrieve your pet, should it become lost or stolen.
Post Office Pet Insurance Details of Post Office Pet Insurance

Post Office Travel Insurance

Post Office
There are few things as frustrating as having taken time to save up for a holiday and then finding you have to cancel it; however, it quickly does become more frustrating when you realise that you are not able to get a full refund - or, sometimes, even any refund at all. That's why it always makes a great deal of sense to purchase travel insurance for your trip; it doesn't need to be expensive, and at the Post Office website you can purchase travel insurance - and peace of mind - in just a few minutes. All Post Office travel insurance policies provide comprehensive cover for business and leisure trips as standard.
Post Office Travel Insurance Details of Post Office Travel Insurance

Post Office Van Insurance

Post Office
If you operate a business as a sole trader, are a contractor, or are someone who transports large items and use a single van to conduct you business, then Post Office van insurance provides the ideal insurance cover for you and your business. In addition, while also providing the option of Motor Legal Protection to cover certain legal fees on your behalf, you benefit from receiving an emergency replacement van of similar specification to your own, should your insured van be out of action because of an accident, and so keeping you on the road - and in business - while your insurance claim is dealt with.
Post Office Van Insurance Details of Post Office Van Insurance

RSPCA Pet Insurance

RSPCA Pet Insurance
Few institutions are as synonymous with animal welfare as the RSPCA, and now, with RSPCA Pet Insurance, you can help your pet and the RSPCA at the same time, with 20% of your RSPCA Pet Insurance premiums going directly to fund the important work of the RSPCA throughout the UK. This contribution helps the RSPCA to fund safe homes and shelters for pets which are unwanted, or have been poorly treated. So, when you join up with RSPCA Pet Insurance, you not only obtain great value insurance cover for your pet, but you also help animals in need throughout the country.
RSPCA Pet Insurance Details of RSPCA Pet Insurance

Travel Insurance from Direct Travel Insurance

Direct Travel Insurance
It's not every travel insurance company that manages to accumulate Which? Magazine awards for twelve consecutive years, yet Direct Travel Insurance have managed to do exactly that, being recognised with the magazine's "Best Buy" status for a straight dozen years. Squarely focused upon a single product - travel insurance - Direct Travel Insurance offers a specialist touch that most travel insurance companies lack. However, while you may think that travel insurance from a niche company such as Direct Travel Insurance comes at a premium, it does not, and prices compare very favourably to similar products from larger insurance companies.
Travel Insurance from Direct Travel Insurance Details of Travel Insurance from Direct Travel Insurance

Weddingplan Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance may not be the first thing that springs to mind when planning a wedding, and yet, besides purchasing a home or buying a car, it can often be amongst the most expensive purchases many couples make. Therefore, with so many possible wedding-day hiccups, and with wedding insurance being so cheap, buying it should definitely be one of the things on your "to do" list. Weddingplan gives you a choice of 5 levels of wedding insurance cover, each one providing a broad range of cover to help protect you and your partner on your wedding day, and helping to make it a day to remember for all the right reasons.
Weddingplan Wedding Insurance Details of Weddingplan Wedding Insurance

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