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Shopping Discounts Shopping Discounts. Credit cards which offer shopping discounts are fairly common, and it's not too difficult to find a credit card which will provide you with discounts in certain stores. Most store credit cards also offer discounts within their own stores, for example. Virgin, for example, offer customers discounts when they use the Virgin credit card on certain Virgin services, and in certain Virgin stores. So, the first thing you want to know, when you're looking for a credit card which offers shopping discounts, is whether you actually use any of the stores in which discounts are being offered; it is, after all, a bit pointless to get a credit card which offers discounts only in stores which you never use!

Nonetheless, most cards which offer shopping discounts are actually quite good, and the APR is not necessarily any higher than many other cards, since the credit card company (or store) isn't necessarily really giving too much away; their idea is simply that they will be able to get you to spend more money in a particular store (or stores) and to pull you away from the competition.

NatWest Platinum Credit Card

NatWest Bank
One of several cards from NatWest, the NatWest Platinum Credit Card is open only to existing NatWest customers, and the offer as described on the NatWest website is only available for application online (i.e. you can't apply for the same offer by post, for example). Although providing a similar APR to the NatWest Classic Credit Card, the NatWest Platinum card does offer a few extra bells and whistles, and if you happen to be NatWest Advantage Gold customer then you are also guaranteed a 1% discount on the APR for which you qualify, for at least twelve months.
NatWest Platinum Credit Card Details of NatWest Platinum Credit Card

NatWest Student Credit Card

NatWest Bank
NatWest offer a variety of credit cards for different needs, and the NatWest Student Credit Card is, naturally enough, designed specifically for students (although anyone aged 18 and over can apply). While there is yet to be a credit card (that we know of) which offers free textbooks and re-reimbursed tuition fees, the NatWest Student Credit Card does offer a few nice features that students may find useful, including discounts on brands such as, and Lonely Planet, as well as the option to pay the monthly credit card bill by direct debit, thus avoiding late fees.
NatWest Student Credit Card Details of NatWest Student Credit Card

Virgin Credit Card

Virgin Money
Well-known for a range of other financial products, including the Virgin Prepaid Mastercard, the Virgin Credit Card is a Mastercard branded credit card which provides a number of benefits not available with other cards - including free travel accident insurance and free purchase protection insurance. Offering a competitive APR together with no annual fee and up to 50 days interest free on your card purchases, the Virgin Credit Card is a popular choice of card for many consumers, providing the ability to manage the credit card account 24/7, either online or by telephone.
Virgin Credit Card Details of Virgin Credit Card

Virgin Prepaid Mastercard

Virgin Money
Virgin Prepaid Mastercard, offered by Virgin Money, is an ideal card to have if you don't want - or need - a credit card, or if you are not able to obtain one because your credit rating is not high enough, or because you don't have a bank account, for example. The card can be used just as if it were a credit card, and can be used anywhere that MasterCard is accepted (including ATM machines). The difference between the Virgin prepaid card and a credit card is you load it up with money before you shop, instead of paying off your balance later, keeping both your budget intact and saving you interest charges at the same time.
Virgin Prepaid Mastercard Details of Virgin Prepaid Mastercard

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