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Student Credit Cards Student Credit Cards. Student credit cards are, essentially, much the same as any other kind of credit card. The biggest difference is simply that they tend to offer cardholders (i.e. students) features which are more likely to be of use to them, rather than offering benefits and features which students are unlikely to even use. For example, cardholders may be able to benefit from discounts at student-related websites, or discounts in stores which cater towards younger customers for instance. As per any other type of credit card offer, the deals which are available vary from issuer to issuer, but for anyone of college age, it's certainly a good idea to compare student credit card offers against other credit cards, before applying for a particular card, since the benefits are likely to be greater.

NatWest Student Credit Card

NatWest Bank
NatWest offer a variety of credit cards for different needs, and the NatWest Student Credit Card is, naturally enough, designed specifically for students (although anyone aged 18 and over can apply). While there is yet to be a credit card (that we know of) which offers free textbooks and re-reimbursed tuition fees, the NatWest Student Credit Card does offer a few nice features that students may find useful, including discounts on brands such as, and Lonely Planet, as well as the option to pay the monthly credit card bill by direct debit, thus avoiding late fees.
NatWest Student Credit Card Details of NatWest Student Credit Card

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