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Airline Miles Cards Airline Miles Cards. There are far less credit cards offering air-miles than there used to be at one time, but there are still a few credit cards which offer air-miles, or a similar type of scheme. For those unfamiliar with air-miles, then you can essentially consider them as points towards air travel, which you can later redeem against flights of your choice, once you have accumulated enough points (air miles). However, much the same as any other type of credit card offer, credit card companies don't make money by giving things away, and so you should also check to make sure that the APR being offered on the card is competitive, otherwise you're simply paying for your free flights by paying a higher APR.

MBNA Business Card with bmi miles

The MBNA Business Card with bmi miles is an ideal credit card for those running a business, or operating as self-employed, and is useful for a number of reasons, including helping you to organise your time and business more efficiently. Being able to see all of your credit accounts at a glance and being able to keep track of your business expenditure in one place, it removes much of the administrative hassle and paperwork that usually ensues when running a business. Separating your business expenses from your personal expenses also makes a great deal of sense, and with a low APR and no annual fee, the MBNA Business Card with bmi miles provides a number of useful benefits to business owners.
MBNA Business Card with bmi miles Details of MBNA Business Card with bmi miles

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