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Charge Cards Charge Cards. Although charge cards act and look much the same as regular credit cards, there is an important distinction. With a regular credit card you use your card to make various purchases, and then (hopefully) pay off at least the minimum required payment at the end of each month; this means that you may well have a balance remaining on your credit card for the following month, on which you will pay interest. A charge card works in much the same way, except that instead of paying off the minimum balance due, you must pay off the entire balance each month. i.e. you cannot carry a balance from one month to the next.

Therefore, rather than making money predominantly from interest rate charges, issuers of charge-cards make money by levying late fees, and annual membership fees, etc. Which type of card is better for you depends largely on how well you settle your credit card bills; if you tend to pay the balance in full each month in any case, then a charge card could be a good way to save on credit card interest charges.

American Express Card (Green)

American Express
The American Express Card is not your typical credit card, and offers many benefits which the usual run-of-the-mill cards do not. However, to be more accurate, the American Express Card (Green) is a charge card, as opposed to a credit card. So, rather than paying interest on a balance each month, you are required to settle the balance each month; you therefore do not carry a balance and do not accumulate interest charges. You do, of course, need to be sure that you only spend up to a limit which you know you can pay off at the end of the month, otherwise you'll end up with late fees, etc.
American Express Card (Green) Details of American Express Card (Green)

American Express Platinum Charge Card

American Express
The American Express Platinum Charge Card is more than a cut above most other types of card, and provides a range of benefits that most card-holders can only wish for. For example, you will enjoy extensive travel and lifestyle benefits, lots of special offers and also travel advice and assistance when you need it. You can also enjoy airport lounge access and often, where available, upgrades and even special fares. Additionally, with the American Express Membership Rewards programme, most times you use your card, you'll accumulate points, which you can collect and later redeem for a variety of rewards.
American Express Platinum Charge Card Details of American Express Platinum Charge Card

E-Platinum Plus Charge Card

E-Platinum Plus
E-Platinum Plus is a charge card provided by a company called E-Credit Plus. While it's not a company everyone will have heard of, the E-Platinum Plus card issued by E-Credit Plus does have benefits for some people, particularly for those unable to obtain credit cards elsewhere, for whatever reason. With a lifetime APR of 0% and no credit reference checks, and 100% guaranteed approval, the E-Platinum Plus charge card is therefore ideal for some people. The E-Platinum Plus card could therefore be a tool which those with less-than-perfect credit might wish to use to try and improve their credit record.
E-Platinum Plus Charge Card Details of E-Platinum Plus Charge Card

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