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Yes Loans is amongst the largest UK credit brokers, and specialises in providing any-purpose loans for both homeowners and tenants alike, and to those customers previously refused by other credit companies and lenders. Regardless of bad credit history or low credit score, Yes Loans offers a useful financial lifeline for many folks. Even customers previously turned down for credit because of County Court Judgements (CCJ), Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA), or mortgage arrears should feel comfortable applying at Yes Loans, where such issues often present no problem at all. Online Application

Yes Loans are also able to arrange speedy loans for those who may be self-employed or those who may experience difficulty in proving income.

Loans are available from Yes Loans for practically any purpose - after all, loan companies really only care that you're going to repay the loan, so its purpose is oftentimes barely relevant - and credit is available for amounts ranging from £500 to £25,000. There is no 100% guarantee that you will be accepted for a loan, but you will note that Yes Loans are generally quite happy to accept customers with practically any type of credit history - and even no credit history at all. So, even if you have had CCJ's or IVA's on your record, or other financial defaults or arrears there is a good chance that your loan application will still be approved.

Yes Loans offer not only secured loans, but also unsecured loans; the difference being that with a secured loan the loan company can secure the loan against property, for example (usually a house), while with an unsecured loan there is no such collateral; even if you do have a house, you do not necessarily need to use it as security against the loan. However, you should note that secured loans may offer a somewhat better APR than unsecured loans, the reason being that there is obviously a greater risk to the loan company with an unsecured loan.

In fact, home or no home, if you do have your own vehicle, then you may instead be able to secure a loan against that instead, should you wish to have a secured loan rather than an unsecured loan.

In fact, besides secured and unsecured loans, Yes Loans provide several other types of loan, each one suitable for different types of applicant and situations, and it is time well-spent when you take time to review each product at the Yes Loans website; they include:

* Adverse Credit Loans * Bad Credit Loans * Loans For Tenants * Poor Credit Loans * Tenant Loans * Unsecured Car Loans * Unsecured Personal Loans * Unsecured Tenant Loans

Each type of loan offers different features and some may require that you be employed; however, for the most part, whatever your circumstances, you should be able to find a loan which meets your particular requirements at the Yes Loans website.

The loan application takes very little time, and the Yes Loans website is very professional, with plenty of information about the various types of product available; approval is not instant, and is not guaranteed, but you should hear with four or five days whether your application was successful, and you certainly have a better chance of obtaining a loan from Yes Loans than from many other institutions.

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Yes Loans Unsecured Personal Loans

Yes Loans

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