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Provident Personal Credit provides small loans of between £50 and £500 and, in a nutshell, pretty much anyone may apply for a Provident loan, regardless of credit history, or if you have been turned down for credit before. Provident frequently offer loans to people with a poor credit history, even a CCJ (County Court Judgement), and loans are more generally provided upon your ability to demonstrate that you're able to repay, rather than your credit history. So, if you have good credit history then so much the better, but if you don't then it's no problem, and you shouldn't be concerned about applying. Online Application

There are as many reasons to apply for a loan as there are loan companies to choose from, but that doesn't mean that you don't need to do your homework. Choosing the wrong loan can prove to be an expensive mistake, and you can sometimes end up paying back many more times the amount that you borrowed. Quite simply, some loan companies are sharks, and they take advantage of those most in need. However, Provident has been in business for over a century, and is definitely not your average loan company; it is, in short, one of the rare breed of loan companies which you can actually trust.

Nonetheless, don't be fooled into thinking that Provident are going to give you money for nothing. A small loan of the type we're referring to (i.e. typically geared to those with less than perfect credit) is almost always going to cost more than some other types of credit. However, with Provident, you know up-front the exact amount of the payments you'll need to make, exactly how much you'll have repaid at the end of your loan, and the certain knowledge that the cost of your repayments will not change during the course of the loan. In fact, just those things alone make Provident a better bet than many similar loan companies.

Also unlike other loan companies, the way that you make your repayments is different. With a Provident loan an agent calls at your home every week to collect your repayments; so, no standing orders or direct debits to deal with, no cheques to post or postal orders to buy; you simply pay your small repayment amount each week to the Provident agent when they visit you, and your loan APR will always remain as agreed at the outset of the loan.

Although first-time Provident customers are limited to applying for up to £500, existing Provident customers may apply for up to £2,500. Additionally, although most customers prefer to borrow cash, others appreciate alternative forms of credit and so, if you would rather not receive cash, you can apply for Provident Gift Vouchers instead, which can be used just like any other gift vouchers in the stores of your choice.

Provident also offers a number of other products, including the following:
  • Provident Visa Card - a brand new way to take out your Provident loan. Use your Provident Visa card to shop on the Internet, over the phone or anywhere you see the Visa sign.
  • easy shop cards - Provident have teamed up with Argos to give you another useful way to shop.
  • Gift Vouchers - treat yourself or your friends and spread the cost with Provident Gift Vouchers.
  • Direct debit loans - Real Personal Finance (a brand name of Provident Personal Credit Limited) also offer unsecured loans from £750 to £6,000 repayable by direct debit.

However, the online loan application is simple, and you will just need proof of ID, proof of your address, together with proof of your income. In some cases you may additionally be asked for your national insurance number. After submitting your application you should then receive a preliminary decision within a minute or two.

Information on all Provident Personal Credit Products at

Provident Personal Credit - Small Loans

Provident Personal Credit

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