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Some credit reference agencies may get a bad rap sometimes but, at the end of the day, unless you're able to take charge of your finances - and thus make the credit-reference-gods happy - your credit rating can easily count against you, and you may often end up being denied credit altogether, or else paying higher interest rates than you otherwise may have done. Most financial experts agree that checking your credit report regularly is one of the best ways to ensure you get the credit you deserve, and Equifax Credit Report provides exactly that. Online Application

Why do I need a Credit Report? When deciding whether to grant you credit, or provide some other sort of service, all types of lenders such as banks and high-street stores, employers, landlords, and myriad other businesses, purchase a copy of your credit report, which details much of your financial history. This, together with your credit score, helps them decide the level of risk which you present to them. Your credit report can therefore directly affect not only whether your application for a loan or credit card is approved, for example, but also your success in applying for many other types of service, since a poor credit report may reflect badly on your ability to honour debts, etc.

Equifax Personal Solutions is the only UK credit reference agency which provides the consumer with instant online access to their personal credit report, credit score and identity theft protection. At a cost of just a few pounds, an Equifax Credit Report can generally be considered money well spent.

Your Equifax Credit Report offers you:
  • Immediate online access to your user-friendly credit report
  • Complete breakdown of your payment history
  • Details of credit cards and loans opened in your name
  • Negative account history to identify items that may be adversely effecting you
  • Online dispute feature to help you fix errors quickly and simply
  • Record of companies that have reviewed your credit file
  • Educational tips to help you better understand your report
  • Access to Equifax Customer Care 9am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Access to a snapshot* of your credit report for 30 days

* The snapshot of your credit report, as mentioned above, is a snapshot per the date you created the original credit report. i.e. the report does not update during the course of the 30 days, although you are, of course, always free to request a new report at any time.

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Equifax Personal Credit Solutions

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