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The AA (Automobile Association) Official Website: The AA (Automobile Association)

Save money on your motor insurance with AA Car Insurance: 88% of new AA Car Insurance customers who took part in a recent survey, carried out by the Acromas Group, found the AA Car Insurance premium was cheaper than the price quoted by their previous provider. Additionally, another survey shows that 25% of people would save £200 by switching to the AA for their car insurance (survey of new business quotes based on a comparison of 26 of AA Car Insurance competitors, December 2008). Online Application

Get a secure, free online car insurance quote, from the AA It only takes a few minutes to get a free insurance quote from AA Car Insurance website, but if you have these details ready before you start, then so much the better:

1. an estimate of your annual car mileage 2. your vehicle registration number or your vehicle make and model details 3. details of any car insurance claims previously made or any points on your driving licence

There are plenty of good reasons to think about choosing AA Car Insurance over some of the alternatives, including the fact that AA always offer customers a great deal on car insurance, and that the AA team searches a panel of more than 20 leading car insurance companies to get you the best deal it can. Here are some more good reasons:

What you get with AA Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover

  • A dedicated UK claimline that is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year
  • You will receive a courtesy car while your car is being repaired by an approved repairer
  • Personal accident cover up to £5,000 (or £7,500 if you're an AA member)
  • Motor Legal Protection - up to £50,000 legal costs to help you claim for out of pocket expenses
  • 35% off AA Breakdown Cover when you purchase with AA Car Insurance online
  • Windscreen and window repairs without loss of your no-claims discount
  • Assistance with overnight accommodation or onward transport, following an accident
  • Medical expenses up to £300 per person (or £400 if you're an AA member)

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The AA (Automobile Association)

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The AA (Automobile Association)   AA Breakdown Cover

When you choose to purchase AA Breakdown Cover online, you can now save up to 35%. Rated as the top breakdown service by Which Magazine, AA Breakdown service has a history nearly as long as the motor vehicle itself: in fact the AA has now been rescuing Britain's motorists for over 100 years. The excellent reputation of the AA Breakdown service is well-deserved, and, in the UK, the AA attend a road-side breakdown every 9 seconds, where, on average, the problem is repaired within 30 minutes.

The AA (Automobile Association)   AA Car Insurance

Save money on your motor insurance with AA Car Insurance: 88% of new AA car insurance customers who took part in a recent survey, carried out by the Acromas Group, found the AA car insurance premium was cheaper than the price quoted by their previous provider. Additionally, another survey shows that 25% of people would save £200 by switching to the AA for their car insurance (survey of new business quotes based on a comparison of 26 of AA car insurance competitors, December 2008).

The AA (Automobile Association)   AA European Breakdown Cover

While not exactly insurance, per se, AA European Breakdown Cover still does provide a great deal of peace-of-mind. Breaking down abroad without cover can be expensive, and recovery back to the UK alone could cost around £1,000. However, with AA European Breakdown Cover, you can contact AA to arrange help 24 hours a day. So, when you sign-up for AA European Breakdown Cover you can relax; and, after all, that's what holidays are meant to be for.

Asda Finance   Asda Car Insurance

While once maybe better known for its cauliflower and cabbages, these days many a smart shopper chooses Asda Finance for car insurance too. Providing a comprehensive range of insurance options through its finance site, when you request a free quote Asda contacts a variety of UK insurance companies, specialising in different types of car insurance - such as insurance cover for younger drivers, or women, or older cars, for example - to get you the best possible price on your next car insurance policy, from over 20 leading insurance providers.

Asda Finance   Asda Vehicle Breakdown Service

If you have a vehicle, then you've no doubt signed up for car breakdown cover at one time or another. One or two well known names always spring to mind, such as the AA, or RAC, but there are several others, and ASDA has also now joined the club, offering their own car breakdown service. However, if you sign up for ASDA Vehicle Breakdown Service, from Asda Finance, then don't be expecting an ASDA grocery truck to come hurtling down the motorway to rescue you - ASDA breakdown cover is provided in partnership with Britannia Rescue, previously honoured as a Which? Magazine Best Buy for Road Rescue.

Aviva (formerly Norwich Union)   Aviva Car Insurance

Motor insurance, like much else, comes in all shapes and sizes, and it's fair to say that you generally get what you pay for. However, with hundreds of insurance companies to choose from, you could well spend a small fortune in time and energy trying to figure out the best car insurance offer. With Aviva (formerly Norwich Union), which insures approximately one in every seven UK drivers, you can have confidence that the insurance quote you get is not only going to be one of the best, but that you'll also get excellent features with your policy.

Columbus Direct   Columbus Direct Car Insurance

Not all motor insurance companies are the same, and Columbus Direct is "one of the other ones." Once providing only travel insurance, Columbus Direct Car Insurance has now also become a popular insurance product, and provides up to 70% No Claims Discount for qualified drivers. An independent company, with no stockbrokers to please, you'll find that dealing with Columbus Direct is a much nicer experience than with many insurance companies; and, with Columbus Direct searching a panel of 20 leading UK insurance companies, you'll quickly find some of the best possible car insurance rates.

Diva Insurance   Diva Car Insurance for Women

Not too much explanation should be necessary to explain what Diva Car Insurance for Women is all about, suffice to say that if you're female, and looking for a good deal on your car insurance, then Diva Insurance can probably help you with that. Operated by Swinton Group Limited, from Manchester, Diva Insurance caters soley to women, and provides just two products at present: car insurance for women, and car breakdown cover for women. However, if you're looking to buy a new car, or looking for tips on vehicle maintenance, then the Diva website will also prove useful to you, with some excellent information on each.

LawShield Direct   LawShield Direct UK Breakdown Insurance

UK Breakdown Insurance from LawShield Direct works in an almost identical manner to breakdown cover plans provided by the AA, RAC and Churchill, for example. In fact, this insurance policy provides you with 24/7 cover, 365 days a year UK breakdown cover, and includes not only cars, but also vans and motorcycles. If you breakdown anywhere in the UK, the LawShield Direct recovery operator will attend the scene as quickly as possible, and the average response time is between 30 to 40 minutes. Compared to other leading breakdown cover plans, LawShield Direct costs less than half the price.

Liverpool Victoria   Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance

Few companies have been offering insurance and financial products as long as Liverpool Victoria has been; and, with over 160 years of experience behind it, and still a Friendly Society, you can be confident that Liverpool Victoria will still be around for a long time yet. It's partly this track record of stability and success which provides the confidence to trust one's car insurance to Liverpool Victoria, and with range of options to suit almost any driver, the Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance product is both comprehensive and affordable.

Lloyds TSB Insurance   Lloyds TSB Car Insurance

While probably better known for banking, Lloyds TSB car insurance, underwritten by Churchill Insurance Company Limited, provides customers with all of the benefits you would expect from any other car insurance provider; Lloyds TSB also offer a discount off Lloyds TSB breakdown cover for the first year, when you opt for it with Lloyds TSB Car Insurance. Also, if you are an existing Lloyds TSB bank customer you will receive two months free car insurance just for buying online. Further, unlike most insurers Lloyds give you one months free car insurance each time you renew.

Nationwide Building Society   Nationwide Car Insurance

Nationwide Car Insurance, provided by Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited, offers a discount for online applications plus up to 75% no claims discount. Providing you with a great deal of flexibility to tailor your car insurance cover to suit your needs, Nationwide also offers a UK-based call-centre; plus - on comprehensive policies - Nationwide additionally provides insurance cover for up to 180 days when travelling in EU Countries.

Post Office   Post Office Car Insurance

While the Post Office may not necessarily be the first website you think about visiting for UK car insurance, there is certainly no reason why you shouldn't; offering a similar online insurance tool to the AA and RAC, where they search through multiple, competing insurers to find you the best car insurance offer, the Post Office is just as likely to save you money on your motor insurance as anyone else; a free car insurance quote at the Post Office website takes just a couple of minutes, and is time well spent when you consider the savings that can be made.

RAC - Royal Automobile Club   RAC Breakdown Cover

RAC provides a number of products for motorists and travellers, but none are probably as well-known as the RAC Breakdown services. RAC has more than 1,500 patrols attending around 2.5 million breakdowns each year, and RAC covers around 7 million roadside assistance customers. The RAC breakdown assistance centres operate 24/7 and deal with approximately 4 million calls a year. Additionally, while originally just covering the UK, RAC Breakdown also now provides Euro-Breakdown, an additional service, for customers travelling within Europe.

RAC Insurance   RAC Car Insurance

With its heritage of motoring stretching all the way back into the nineteenth century, few other organisations understand motoring better than RAC: and so, now, RAC have drawn from over a century's experience of working with vehicle owners and drivers to develop comprehensive car insurance that includes what most people want from their motor insurance cover in one simple, affordable package. Additionally, for just a small percentage of your premium, you can add a package of extras to your cover, which can cover the cost of unforeseen extras, such as a courtesy car, for example.

Swiftcover   Swiftcover Car Insurance

Swiftcover may be one of the newest UK insurance companies, but it took little time for Swiftcover to become a fierce competitor in the car insurance market, and in 2007 was the fastest growing UK insurance company, at which point it was taken over by the Axa group. Swiftcover now operates as an independent arm of the Global Axa Group. Operating solely online, and without a cumbersome office network to manage, the nimble Swiftcover operation managed to gain more than a half-million new policies within just two years of its inception, and is now a trusted name on the insurance landscape, backed by one of the largest financial companies in the world.

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