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Bank Accounts are, like it or not, an essential part of everyday living. However, although banks and building societies have taken quite a rap in the past for one thing and another - most notably for dodgy lending practices - and many consumers are skittish about trusting their money to a bank, it is increasingly difficult to operate in the modern world without at least a cheque account, and so we tend to need banks as much as they need us. Nonetheless, there's no need to throw your money at the first bank which flashes a cheque-book at you; take your time to look around, and find the type of cheque account which best suits you.

For example, some banks offer interest on their current accounts (i.e. cheque accounts), while others do not, and some offer overdraft facilities while others do not. Also, charges vary considerably from one bank to the next; one may charge for duplicate statements, while others may offer the exact same service for free. However, the current accounts which we list below, can all be recommeneded for one reason or another, and will hopefully point you in the right direction. You may also be interested in our Savings Accounts.

The products in this section are either undergoing maintenance right now, or the product offers may have expired. Please check back soon for new product offerings in this category.

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